How financial institutions can snag top software engineering talent

As banks and credit unions ramp up efforts to recruit tech staffers to help build new digital channels, they are competing with each other as well as with fintechs. Here are ways to get an edge in the hiring process.

Large legacy financial institutions are scrambling to become technology powerhouses, competing for software expertise to create user-friendly apps and convenient digital service. Smaller startups — most of them “fintechs”— make up some of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., and are hiring in droves. In the face of such competition, how can companies attract the best tech talent?

Based on our hiring activity data and what we’re hearing from financial clients, here’s how banks and credit unions can gain an advantage over competitors.

Update Your Work and Pay Structures

When Covid-19 shifted much of Wall Street to remote work, some employees loved it — software developers, especially, don’t want to go back to an office, according to our firm’s research.


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