How financial marketers can max a rebrand by tying it to web redesign

Combining these two marketing efforts can produce much greater impact when modernizing a bank or credit union's brand. As the "always-on" face of the institution, the website provides the quickest and widest-reaching impact for the launch. It also permits an iterative, pre-launch creative process.

One of the most effective ways to roll out a rebrand of your financial institution is to introduce it along with the launch of a website redesign. Serving as the virtual branch for your end-users and the online hub for your institution’s marketing efforts, your website represents the “always-on” face of your bank or credit union.

While your new brand will eventually roll out to all your institution’s traditional and digital marketing channels, the website gives financial marketers an opportunity to unveil a rebrand to a widespread audience. The digital nature of a website also provides a forgiving format for moving from brand standards in theory to an actual practical application.

It makes a lot of sense to debut a new brand on your institution’s website to preserve marketing continuity. Because both offline and online marketing tactics drive traffic to your financial site, you want to provide a seamless brand experience. Imagine how jarring it would be for your end users if your institution were to launch a rebrand via an email or direct mail campaign, yet not have that same experience carry over to the website. Just as the logo at the branch should match the logo on a statement stuffer, most certainly it should be the brand mark found on the website.


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