How I learned to stop worrying and love the Co-Op

Plus, four reasons other millennials have trouble doing the same.

I graduated from college during the Great Recession. The financial meltdown gifted me and my friends with no job prospects, significant student loan debt, and four years of constant worry. Many of my friends left with a diploma in hand but with no job offer. Sadly, not many of them were up on the news and didn’t realize the extent to which the global financial meltdown would impact their futures.

I had always known about credit unions — my mom has been a member of hers since before I was born — but I began to truly understand what makes them different when I witnessed their recovery efforts after the economic catastrophe of the late aughts. For that, I will forever be loyal to my credit union.

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That being said, I have a hard time convincing my friends to leave their big banks, or even consider a credit union for a car loan or mortgage loan, for several reasons:


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