How pre-employment assessments decrease turnover

Different types of assessments will help your credit union hire better.

The importance of conducting pre-employment assessments has never been greater. Knowing what qualities would best fit your open positions will most effectively determine if the applicant will positively impact your organization. Pre-employment assessments are great at helping you do just that because you can assess your applicants’ behavioral traits, skills and abilities. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that you’re finding good employees, and in the long term, it will help keep your turnover rate low.

Why Are High Turnover Rates Bad for Credit Unions?

High turnover rates are costly for any company and create morale and productivity problems. A high turnover rate can also indicate that your organization has difficulty attracting and retaining good employees. All of these factors can harm your bottom line. Credit unions experience this more than most industries because of the personal connection made with their members. When members see a new face every time they come into a branch, it signals red flags.

What Causes High Turnover Rates?

Several reasons can contribute to high turnover rates. Assessing these factors can help you determine how to lower your company’s turnover rate most effectively.


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