How this CU overcame key person risk and staffing costs by outsourcing accounting

Is your credit union one of the many that are burdened with finding, affording, and retaining skilled staff – especially in such a specific niche as credit union accounting? Do you struggle with key person risk and separation of duties, and turnover? If it was challenging before to keep an accounting department running smoothly, it’s even worse now, with massive upheavals in employment and costs.

Siskiyou Credit Union feels your pain. Sudden and shocking staff changes, combined with planned retirements, made for an urgent need for deep credit union accounting expertise, and not many places to turn to obtain it.

Siskiyou Credit Union is an $96M organization located in Yreka, CA, – a small northern California town. Read on to learn how our accounting assistance service came to the rescue in a time of great uncertainty and stress for this credit union, as well as the makings of a strong accounting partnership.


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