Strategic planning to survive and thrive, Part 1

It’s that time of year!  Credit Unions are holding planning sessions to develop the 2023 Strategic Plan.  Is your plan going to ensure your credit union survives and thrives?  Or is it more of a check the box exercise and then you return to your day jobs?

In this article we address the sometimes forgotten but fundamental core concepts of our, and any business.  These fundamentals are especially important in the uncertain and strained environment we’re operating in.  This sets the foundation.  The next article we’ll learn how we can do the hard work to ensure we develop a plan that is clear, concise, identifies the few wildly important goals and institutes accountability.

First, Remember Who’s Boss

The members we serve are the very same members that own us.  That’s who we have to answer to, our member-owners.  In these challenging times it is more important than ever to:

  1. Do what is best for our member-owners AND


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