How to claim your digital real estate

We have heard the slogan our entire life: the key to any successful business is location, location, location. In today’s digital age and experience economy, real estate is not just a physical location on the main street or the corner of Sixth Avenue, New York. The best piece of real estate you can own with your members, non-members, and community members is the space between their ears, and be relevant digitally. In the book Banking On Digital Growth by James Robert Lay, he says, “Digital growth requires much more than just adopting the latest and greatest marketing and sales technology. It requires something ancient and timeless but often left out of the conversation altogether: Humanity. People.” In other words, our digital real estate needs to create an outstanding digital experience with a human touch point that communicates our ethos. To claim digital real estate effectively, it needs do to three things:

  1. Effectively communicate your ethos in a differentiated way.
  2. Empower your employees to do more with less.
  3. Be connected everywhere with your members and non-members.

Growing your digital real estate is a journey, it will not happen overnight. But if you follow a process to help claim your digital real estate, you will begin to see progress right away. I will leave you with a simple question, how well are you claiming your digital real estate?

Albert Howard

Albert Howard

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