How to Clarify Your CU’s Cooperative Message with 6th Story’s Matt Davis and Denise Wymore


by. Mike Lawson

While attending the 4th annual CU Water Cooler Symposium in Nashville, TN, last week, I caught up with a couple of well-respected credit union pros who are up to something pretty cool for credit unions. Matt Davis and Denise Wymore have created a new biz for CUs called 6th Story based on the sixth cooperative principle. 6th Story is dedicated to helping cooperatives, especially credit unions, realize their potential through this sixth cooperative principle: cooperation among cooperatives.

It’s a refreshing idea with some mighty talented people aboard, besides Matt and Denise, to launch this venture into the stratosphere for the betterment of this industry. Many thanks to Matt and Denise for braving the elements and doing this interview outside the Frist Center on a brisk fall day. But it turned out very well — as I’m sure 6th Story will do for cooperatives nationwide.


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