How to create tomorrow’s products for today’s underserved member with Filene’s Cynthia Campbell


by. Mike Lawson

Filene’s Cynthia Campbell probably has one of the coolest job titles in America: Director of Innovation Labs. She’s basically “Chief of Brainstorming” at Filene. Very nice, indeed. But what’s nicer is her actual job description. Cynthia gets to research and create financial services products that will best meet the needs of credit union members nationwide — low- to middle-income folks to be specific. To get the details and goals of her position, we invited her on the program for a quick chat on how this endeavor will benefit credit unions.

A little background on Cynthia’s venture from the Filene website: With a $700,000, 30-month grant from the Ford Foundation, Cynthia leads Filene’s accessible financial services incubator to benefit underbanked consumers. This incubator tests, packages, and scales innovative, viable financial products that aid low-and-moderate-income US consumers and provide alternatives to predatory products.

Side note: Our interview with Cynthia occurred when she was just in her fourth day on the job last year. Enjoy!


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