How to get 6x more leads from your credit union website

Spoiler alert: If you want your website to generate way more leads,  then put a lead capture form at the beginning of your application process.

Okay, now that we put that out there, let’s back up and provide some context by looking at how Voyage FCU used this tactic to generate 6x more leads.

The Problem: They had no way to generate or track leads

Voyage FCU (aka “Voyage”) wanted to get more people opening accounts, but they had a problem common to many credit unions today—they didn’t have a way for people to start an application online. Calls to action on their website encouraged people to contact them or come by the credit union, and both options were unappealing and nearly impossible to track. In today’s day and age, people expect convenience. Even if people did take the time to call or drop in, they had no way to know where their leads were coming from—which meant they had no idea if the website was doing its job.

The Solution: Make lead capture the first step

So, we created an online application process using web forms. And, we made sure the new application is split into multiple steps, starting with lead capture.

When we say “lead capture”, we mean getting the applicant’s name, email, and phone number before you ask for anything else.

This is an example of a lead capture form on

Fact: Most people who start applications don’t finish them.

Now we’re circling back to our spoiler alert. If you put a mile-long application in front of a visitor before you capture the lead, you’ll never know who most of your applicants are – you might as well be back to asking them to walk into your office. So, by putting lead capture first, Voyage is getting all the info they need to contact their applicants even if they leave after the first step.

Leads go into a CRM where members of the Voyage team can manage and follow up with them. A little nurturing can do a lot of good.

Voyage’s website leads go into Hubspot CRM.

The Result: 6x more leads

By putting lead capture first, Voyage is getting 6x more leads.

What would 6x more leads do for the growth of your credit union?

Derik Krauss

Derik Krauss

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