How to get honest feedback from employees

I’ve written before about the importance of giving constructive feedback to your employees, but how can you ensure they’re being honest in their feedback to you? You are their boss after all, and it’s common to avoid confrontation with authority figures.

Just as it’s important to set appropriate expectations for daily meetings, a leader must create an environment in which employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts without fear of retribution or judgment.

In a post for the Forbes Human Resources Council, employee engagement expert Jeff Miller suggests holding a feedback meeting and shares five ways leaders can elicit honest responses:

  1. Create a framework for the meeting. The meeting should include all members of your team, and empower each of them to speak up. Miller suggests using a white board to categorize feedback and a facilitator to lead the conversation. Before the meeting, ask everyone to reflect on how things are currently going – with you leading the team and the team’s operations in general.


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