How to handle campaign themes

by. Joe Swatek

Some marketers and executives get excited about using themes for promotional campaigns. Here’s some advice if you find yourself with that type of project.

There are a few important ideas to keep in mind if you’re planning to use a theme.

  • Make it appropriate for your product
  • A theme shouldn’t negatively affect your financial institution
  • Don’t overdo the theme
  • If you choose to use one, stick with only one

First, let me firmly state that you don’t need a theme to promote your products. This discussion is only for those times when your choose to use one…or you’re forced to use one.

Is it appropriate for the product? I remember ages ago when beverage coolers seemed to be the most popular premium giveaways. I once wrote an envelope teaser that said something like, “What a cool idea! Free Checking and this Free Cooler.”

I stopped using that teaser after clients came back for their next campaigns and wanted catchy phrases that applied to their new premiums. Premiums like cookware, radios, blankets, and so on. The copy was strained. Many premiums didn’t offer themselves to “cool” teaser references.

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