How to keep employees engaged in today’s workplace

Three focus areas for leadership include rethinking remote work, redefining culture and empowering staff.

The age-old question of how to keep employees engaged was put to the test in 2020. With offices closed and stay-at-home orders in place for months, many credit unions and other industry organizations were forced to re-examine and re-think employee engagement, including how to maintain and enhance it outside the typical office setting.

At PSCU, we quickly realized our response during the pandemic would impact the company’s employer brand for decades to come. We acted quickly and, luckily, the people-first strategy we established was a success: During 2020, PSCU’s employee engagement score (measured through Gallup) increased by 0.21%, a notable increase given the pandemic environment, landing us in the top 10% of all companies surveyed.

So, how did we do it? Here are three key areas to keep in mind when determining how to keep employees engaged whether you are in the office, working remotely or operating under a hybrid model:


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