How to make extra cash fly into your wallet

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Inflation is the worst. Too bad it doesn’t make our wallets bigger (*ba-dum-tssh). But enough with the bad jokes, let’s get serious. Have you ever thought of turning one of your hobbies into a side gig? Maybe you already have an Etsy store where you sell your homemade trinkets. Well congrats. But I’m not here to talk about doodads. I’m here to talk about something super cool that you might have received from your kids for Christmas in the last decade. That’s right, I’m talking about that drone that you’ve only played with twice since you got it. Did you know you can actually make real human money with that thing? Don’t believe me? Just follow these three steps…

Find your drone/Buy a drone

You actually don’t have to already have a drone to make this work. You can buy one now. Check out this EXO Cinemaster 2. This bad boy shoots 4k video and is on sale for $349. But if you already have a drone, find it and charge it up!

Become a drone pilot

Yes, that’s a thing. In order to commercially fly a drone, you must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate. The process seems fairly easy, just follow these steps on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) website.

Book some gigs

Now you just need to find some work. You can shoot photos/video for stock photography, real estate, hotels, weddings, and other events. Once you have your license, it’s really up to you. Get creative and enjoy yourself!

John Pettit

John Pettit

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