How to make your old iPhone new again

With Apple’s announcement of three new iPhones, you may be tempted to get a new one.

With the XS and XS Max starting at $999 and $1099 respectively, it might not make financial sense. Reviews so far have been favorable, but many experts have decided that the upgrades aren’t worth the price.

Still, if you’re tired of your old iPhone and ready for a change, here are three ways to breathe new life into your old device.

Upgrade to the newest operating system: The latest iOS 12 update was rolled out specifically to improve performance on older devices. According to Apple and MacWorld reviews, you can expect up to a 40% increase in performance when launching apps, a 70% increase when swiping to camera from the lock screen, and a 50% increase when launching the keyboard. The latest update is also touted as being “smarter” about speed bursts as a way to preserve battery life.

Replace your battery:Since the news reports revealing Apple was slowing down older iPhones, the company lowered replacement battery costs to $29. With its last update, Apple also made checking your battery’s strength/performance easy. Just go to “Settings”, “Battery” and select “Battery Health.” If the battery health falls below 80%, it’s time to replace it. Just be sure to do it before year-end 2018. Apple announced the battery replacement prices will go up on Jan. 1, 2019.

Trade-in or sell your old iPhone: If you must have a new iPhone, at least put the money you get from your old iPhone toward a new one.  Try sites like, or to get top dollar for your old iPhone. Or, trade it in at Target, Best Buy, Walmart, or Amazon where you’ll get your money in the form of a gift card or store credit. You may also want to check with your mobile carrier to find out what trade-in deals they are offering.

Myriam DiGiovanni

Myriam DiGiovanni

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