How to manage outsourced marketing projects like a boss

Outsourcing for marketing isn’t new news, but it is really smart news. At EmpowerFi, we’re an outsourced marketing firm ourselves and we’ve worked with dozens upon dozens of organizations. We’ve seen the successes and the potential pitfalls that are possible between two united yet technically individual teams. So trust us when we say that these are tried and tested ways of managing your energy and ensuring that you work together cohesively to crush your goals.

Essentially you want to nail communication, align your expectations, and trust in the people you’ve invested in to work their magic. Let’s dig a little deeper into how you do just that.


Set aside dedicated time to communicate regarding projects. Don’t just communicate on an as-needed basis. Set regular meeting times, and outside of that, set specific times to review proofs and send edits/approvals each week so that work doesn’t fall behind and so that your external teams don’t feel like they must constantly follow up to obtain changes. Setting a schedule for this helps to reduce or eliminate the time-consuming back and forth and ramp up productivity for everyone involved. Which leads us to…


Create a form or a project outline so that all parties are clear on the needs, desires, and specifications of the project. Set dates and “by-whens” for the projected/expected completion of a task or deadline. This is another communication stream and clarity is key. Remember that quality often takes time and projects may include a number of partners with independent timelines. When possible, structure lead time into your system from the start. *PRO TIP – we use platforms like Asana, Wrike, AirTable, and iMind Map.


It is your responsibility to align the people you’ve hired with the identity of your brand, and their responsibility to maintain that identity through whatever content, material, etc. they create on your behalf. Be as thorough and in-depth as possible when bringing them into the character of your brand.


Set goals and/or KPI’s so you all know whether or not you’re tracking towards success, and how to shift gears when necessary to stay on track. What’s the main objective of your continent creation, reason for creating the campaign? Make sure your content creation is as strategic as possible and that your article/campaign messaging, project verbiage has an objective that delivers value. Ask yourself: if you don’t have specific goals in mind for a campaign (i.e. new member growth, loan growth, e-statement adoption, etc.), then why are you creating the campaign in the first place?


You can’t save your way to growth. Hire the right team and let them do what they do best. If you had the resources to do it yourself, you would have. So, once you’ve brought in the pros and have done everything you can to set them up for success, entrust them to do what you hired them to. Micromanaging places a limit on the value you hired them to bring to the table.


These are real people you’re working with, not robots or machines you throw money at to accomplish a task. They are on your team and their job is to support your vision and impact in the world. Get to know who they are, invest in the actual person behind the job title. Communicate and engage with respect, patience, and care like you’d treat any other human being who was doing something to help and support you.

The bottom line is to keep the awareness that you’re actually on the same team front and center. You might work in separate offices; you might even work in separate time zones, but when your goals, expectations, and intentions are aligned, your outsourced marketing experts can be the greatest asset you acquire.

Hilary Reed

Hilary Reed

Hilary Reed, founder of EmpowerFi, is an innovative thought-leader who has been involved in various aspects of strategic sales and marketing for 15 years. Her career began in 2000 when ... Web: Details