How to manage today’s multiple disruptions within the credit union space with CU Engage

TRAILER: How to Manage Today's Tempest of Multiple Disruptions within the Credit Union Space... from CUbroadcast on Vimeo.

The word disruption in today’s credit union space is becoming as commonplace as Apple Pay headlines, Final Four predictions, and crying teenage girls over Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. Oh, the horror. But, seriously, what exactly does it mean and how are credit unions impacted by the ever-changing financial services landscape.

To get to the bottom of all this, we invited a couple savvy credit union pros, CU Engage Co-founders Jennifer Addabbo and James Guild. They walk us through many of today’s disruptions such as core changes, payments upheaval, EMV deadline, outside threats (Google, Amazon, PayPal), etc. and show us where credit unions stand amidst this storm. There’s a lot going on of which credit unions need to be aware.

Instead of running for the hills when come to these pressing issues and items, Jennifer and James say credit unions need to engage this disruption head on to remain relevant and enhance their current success. So if any of these items affect you, enjoy this very candid conversation about the state of today’s industry and what can be done to keep moving forward overcoming these obstacles toward new, favorable pathways.

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