How to NOT get overwhelmed in 2020

It’s 2020! A new year! A new decade! Get excited people!

Such is the theme of many articles this week. You’ve likely read at least one of them, and yes, we’ve written a few of them ourselves.

But as you’re getting set for this new year, new decade and new you, it’s equally important to pause and determine how you’re going to get there.

Goals without set action plans don’t happen, and if you have a lengthy mental list about all the things you want to do in 2020 (we know that people who write down their goals are roughly 1.4 times more likely to accomplish those goals) without a framework, then you’re setting yourself up for burnout right around Valentine’s Day.

You don’t want you to crash and burn, and we don’t want you to either. Here are four guiding principles to help you NOT get overwhelmed in 2020.


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