How to pick the right digital marketing agency

When your Financial Institution is in the market for some help in this new age of digital marketing, it’s often a good idea to reach out to an agency for short term guidance or potentially long term support. Whether you’re looking for an extended agency partner or for help with some one-time projects, here’s some great questions to consider when assessing a potential partnership with a digital marketing agency.

1.  What’s the process you use for working with a business to help with this type of project or service?

The agency should be able to easily outline how they will interact with your staff and accomplish the goals of your engagement. This should also be clearly enumerated in any proposal or scope of service they provide. Some examples of elements that would likely need to be covered might include how many calls per month will take place, how the marketing strategy will be determined and shared, and which team members will be responsible for various deliverables.


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