How to plan affordable winter vacations you’ll never forget

Most people think of vacations as exclusively summertime activities, but if you’ve ever taken a vacation in the winter months you know how much fun it can be. Some people like taking winter vacations to escape the cold, while others embrace the snow and use their skis, snowboards and skates.

The problem with winter vacations is that they can be expensive—traveling to warmer areas isn’t cheap, and popular wintertime destinations like Vail and Aspen can be even more expensive. So how can you take affordable winter vacations that you’ll remember until the snow melts?

Here’s how to plan an unforgettable affordable winter vacation

Determine your winter vacation priorities

The first thing you need to do when planning affordable winter vacations is to figure out what your priorities are for your trip. Your thoughts about winter will play a big part in this. Are you taking a winter vacation to take full advantage of the winter weather, or are you more of a warm weather type of person?


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