How to save money when your budget is tight

We all try to save a little money here and there, and sometimes it can be tough to find extra money to save. While it can be a challenge, it’s definitely not impossible to save money when your money is tight. Here are three ways you can save when your funds are already low…

Find deals online: When you think of sites like Groupon or Living Social the first thing that pops into your head may be entertainment and dining out. While these sites can be a good source for deals on these types of things, you can actually use them for a lot more. You can find deals on electronics, automotive repair, health and beauty, home services and more! The best way to find these deals is to check out the sites and browse around. If these are products and services that you’re already going to pay for, you may as well save a few bucks in the process.

Trim the fat: When you go on a diet, you may start noticing a little bit of weight loss in many areas of your body. Your stomach, neck, face, arms and legs may all start to get a little slimmer. You should treat your budget the exact same way. Don’t just try to cut back (or completely cut out) one budget item, but take a few bucks from a lot of different places. Some bills are obviously set in stone, but you will probably be able to find a few areas where you can cut back a little here and there. Take advantage of these savings and you’ll see it really add up. Plus, you won’t feel like you’re having to cut anything out of your budget completely.

Spend more time at home: There more you’re on-the-go, the more you’re going to eat meals out, and spend frivolously on things you don’t really need. Instead of meeting your friends out for dinner and a movie, host a potluck dinner (where everybody brings something) and watch your favorite Blu-ray. You’ll save money, plus you can pause the movie when you have to go to the bathroom.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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