How to shed the “Thanksgiving 5”

Every year we spend a long weekend in November gorging ourselves on Fried Turkey and Honey Baked Ham. There’s a fair chance that you’re going to gain a little weight over the next several days and you’ll probably be looking for some easy ways to drop a few pounds over the next couple weeks. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Order H2O: The easiest calories to cut out of your diet are the liquid ones. Maybe you love coffee or beer or whatever else, but if you’ll actually commit to drinking only water for a couple weeks you may actually drop more weight than you gained over the Thanksgiving holiday and you’ll be a little more hydrated too.

Make a trade: No, this actually isn’t a baseball metaphor this time. Well ok, it kind of is. Anyway, pick out a few of your less healthy regular meals for the next few weeks and trade them for a Ceasar or a Cobb. Or whatever the current popular salad is. Your body just might thank you.

Control yourself: Take a good look at the food portions you normally eat and try your best to cut back. If you’re a chronic over-eater, you may have gotten used to the way you feel when you eat a little too much. Give your body some time to adjust to the change and see how much better (and lighter) you feel.

Take a walk: If you want to keep eating like normal, then do it. I’m no cop. But maybe take the dog for a walk after dinner or (if you don’t have a dog) take the neighbor’s dog for a walk. Just ask their permission first.

Hope this helps! I’m thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

John Pettit

John Pettit

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