How to stay healthy on your trip to #CUNAGAC!

For those of you traveling to #CUNAGAC in Washington D.C. this weekend, the last thing you want is to get sick. Between flu season and the global worry of coronavirus, take as many precautions as you can whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile. Here are a few ways to stay healthy on your trip to D.C….

Hydrate: When you’re traveling, it seems like you’re always on-the-go, so make sure you keep your body hydrated. Studies have shown that drinking water helps boost your immune system, and most of us probably don’t drink enough water on a normal day, so it’s important to ABDW. Always. Be. Drinking. Water. Just make sure you know where the restrooms are located. Also, don’t be scared to have a glass of OJ with breakfast. Vitamin C can be your best friend when you’re exposed to a lot of germs.

Wash your hands: Washing your hands is always a good idea when you’re traveling and anytime you’re going out in public. You really can’t wash your hands too often, but when you’re on the go, you don’t always have a chance. Keep some travel-size hand sanitizer around and use it often. If you’re using airport bathrooms, it’s not a terrible idea to wash your hands before and after you go. And although you may feel like a weirdo, it’s a good idea to use paper towels if you have to touch any doorknobs when you’re leaving a public restroom.

Don’t eat anything sketchy: I love eating at hole in the wall restaurants, but unless I’ve heard great things about a place, I use precautions when eating in a city I’m less than familiar with. You’ll probably be fine, but even a tiny chance of getting sick is a huge deal when you’re on the road. It would really be a bummer to successfully avoid everything that’s going around and then get taken down by food poisoning. Just be mindful of your food choices.

Bring a surgical mask just in case: Some of you might think that this is overkill, but if you’re sitting in close proximity to someone who’s coughing on your flight, you’re going to be glad you brought a couple of disposable surgical masks along.

Be safe, have fun and see you all at #CUNAGAC!

John Pettit

John Pettit

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