How to win a top credit union industry award

Advance your learning and development using these four steps.

I admit I earned a top credit union industry award before I’d had time to think long and deeply about what it typically takes to do so.

But back in 2015, when I seized the chance to participate in—and ultimately won—the Next Top Credit Union Exec challenge (now CUES Emerge), I was already walking the talk about furthering one’s own development.

For example, as philanthropy and community relations manager of $2.2 billion America’s First Federal Credit Union, Birmingham, Alabama, I regularly talked with my leaders about my interest in professional growth. I asked them for challenges. I’m grateful to them for the beneficial dialog we had.

I also took action to grow my career. I not only participated in the Next Top Credit Union Exec challenge, but I also went back to school for my law degree. And I did a lot of internal and external networking, including serving on non-profit boards and being active with the local chamber of commerce.


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