How Vantage West is optimizing its portfolio to withstand economic cycles

Vantage West, a $2.7B credit union based in Tucson, Arizona, knew that both member preferences and changing economic conditions required a shift in its fintech partnership strategy. Consumers wanted a more seamless digital banking experience, and COVID post-stimulus payments were dwindling, causing consumers to rely more heavily on short-term cash flow support like personal loans.

To deliver an Amazon-like personal loan experience and grow membership, Vantage West began its fintech partner search.

Finding a long-term strategic partner

As the executive team began its partner evaluation, one of the key criteria was finding a partner that aligned with Vantage West’s values.

Jeremy Pinard, Chief Lending Officer at the credit union, explained the goal of all of Vantage West’s partnerships is intended to advance the organization and free up employee time to allow them to focus on high-value work, such as helping members resolve a financial issue.


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