How women can find empowerment through financial health

A few years ago, Sharita, a single mother with three children, was homeless and living in a motel after being evicted.

“At the time, I was living paycheck-to-paycheck and had no savings, and my credit score plummeted because of the eviction and outstanding collections, credit, and medical debts,” explained Sharita in a Yahoo! News profile. “I knew that I could not give up because I had two children that deserved an address to call their own.”

Faced with unthinkable circumstances, Sharita began allocating a portion of her monthly earnings to savings, adhering to a basic budget, creating a process to rebuild her credit score, and slowly chip away at her debt. “I made up my mind to learn as much as I could about personal finance, credit, debt elimination, and saving,” said Sharita. “My children and I would go to the library as much as possible. I read personal development and finance books, and began to write out my own goals.”

With stories like Sharita’s, QCash believes there is no better time than Women’s History Month and this last Tuesday’s International Women’s Day to celebrate the challenges and victories for courageous women who set goals in financial health and celebrate their journeys in fulfilling them.


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