HR Answers: 10 talent management mistakes to avoid

Credit unions must ensure employees are aligned in both performance goals and culture.

“Going into 2018, the stakes for CEOs have jumped dramatically in how they manage people,” says Stephen Miles of The Miles Group, New York, which develops talent strategies for organizations, teams, and individuals with a focus on high-performance, world-class leadership. “Boards … are pressuring CEOs not only to set the right tone at the top, but also to make sure talent throughout the organization is completely aligned both in performance goals and in cultural fit. But many companies, if they are not already in the middle of one, are on the brink of a talent failure—and they might not see the mistakes that got them there.”

TMG, which advises CEOs and top executives of Fortune 50 companies on improving talent, has identified 10 talent mistakes that will cause the most pain in 2018:

  1. Downplaying cultural risk. “Shareholders, the media, and consumers—not to mention regulators and prosecutors—will only increase pressure on companies to take a hard look at their corporate culture,” says William Stern, managing director at TMG. “All C-level officers and board members, not just HR, are going to be held accountable for how a company’s culture plays out in both official and unofficial ways, and will need to mitigate the cultural risk that could damage the organization and shareholder value.”


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