HR Answers: Leveraging AI to its full potential

How credit unions are using artificial intelligence coaching for member service representatives.

While many credit unions already leverage artificial intelligence for chatbots and handling simple member-facing questions and interactions, AI’s applications can—and should—be much broader. Innovative credit unions are incorporating AI into their member service strategy in new and expanded ways, including agent training and coaching or support, positioning them to more effectively serve their members. Utilizing this technology in such a manner leads to both increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

Leveraging AI to assist member service representatives can be a win-win for credit unions and members. AI-driven bots can surface relevant information to agents during member interactions, relieving them from having to retrieve data from backend systems and ultimately speeding up interactions. In addition, bots can scan chats with members in real time and present suggested answers or prompts, which can be accepted, discarded or modified by the service representative, reducing time and effort for employees while improving service for members.

Another key benefit of using AI coaching bots is their ability to oversee member interactions. The bots can monitor agents to make sure they are responding to members in a timely manner, help them overcome roadblocks and answer their questions correctly. This also can help keep everything running smoothly from a compliance, security and accuracy standpoint.


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