HR Answers: Navigating the dynamics of a split office

6 tips for keeping employees safe, happy and productive as your credit union transitions back to office life

Experts are divided over when workers will (or should) get back into the office after COVID-19. Google, for example, is planning to reopen some office starting in early July for a small number of employees on a “rotating basis.” A report from the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University recommends holding out until August. But both Google and Harvard agree that the return should be staggered in order to protect workers.

The Harvard report recommends starting by letting 20% of at-home workers back into the office at a time—beginning with a few days per week and then expanding to five days.

Not only will working in shifts like this reduce office density, but it will also prevent overcrowding on sidewalks and mass transit for urban businesses. It also comes with challenges, including the fact that some employees will feel less connected to the rest of the company. Here are six tips for keeping workers safer, happier and more productive as organizations transition into a split-office setup.


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