HR Answers: Revamping new-hire training

Affinity FCU creates onboarding program to provide stability, clarity and resources to new recruits.

Many would agree that the world turned upside down in 2020, so last year, Affinity Federal Credit Union started brainstorming how to move forward at a time when most of us were still getting re-oriented. Affinity’s People & Culture team put the focus on attracting, onboarding and retaining top talent that aligned with our culture of accountability and well-being.

Taking into consideration the new hybrid work environment, the Great Resignation and our CU’s ambitious goals for growth, our team started with a vision: to leave the new hires saying, “Wow—I really made a great decision by accepting a job at Affinity FCU. I feel prepared to begin adding value immediately.”

That vision prompted us to create ways we could intentionally welcome new hires to an environment of stability and clarity at a time when little was stable or clear. It was time to move past the Great Resignation and begin the Great Regeneration. We targeted our new program to kick off with our first new hires of 2022, who began employment on Jan. 4.


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