HR Answers: Why the ‘great resignation’ is really a great opportunity

14 tips for transforming your credit union into a great place to attract and retain talent

People across the country are quitting their jobs in record numbers. If you’re a business leader, you’ve undoubtedly had a tense moment or two wondering, “Who’s going to leave my company?” But don’t just wring your hands; take decisive action. Smart leaders are approaching the Great Resignation as a time to pause, take stock, and really audit their business practices and processes.

This is the perfect time to ask, “What can we be doing better?” Not only is this the secret to keeping the people you have—it also gives you the opportunity to attract some of the amazing talent floating around right now thanks to the Great Resignation, kicking off the Great Regeneration at your credit union.

Most people aren’t leaving the workforce altogether. They’re leaving old-school environments that aren’t meeting their needs for those workplaces that will. When you shift in ways that create the kind of culture people are drawn to, everyone wins: current employees, talented prospects, and, of course, the credit union.

So how do you leverage this opportunity? What do you absolutely have to get right? Here are 14 tips for becoming a great place to attract and retain talent.


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