HR managers’ secret (Santa) weapon

Survey reveals what employees really want from their employers this holiday season.

Holiday workplace gifting can be stressful! Hopefully, you have already purchased thoughtful gifts to show your credit union staff how important they are. But if you are a last minute shopper, a recent corporate gifting survey by Snappy is here to help, at least by listing items NOT to buy.

The survey found that employers aren’t always rising to the holiday challenge: 40 percent of employees surveyed admitted they have either re-gifted or thrown out a corporate gift. This highlights a problem greater than wasted money and effort—your gifts aren’t representing your organization’s appreciation for its employees.

Retaining top talent requires recognition and personalization. In fact, 81 percent of employees believe that a personalized note or gift from a supervisor strengthens their commitment to the company, and 44 percent of those surveyed feel that their value at the organization is reflected in the gifts received.


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