Husband sentenced to life in prison for murdering wife in a CU branch

Wisconsin judge convicted Robin Mendez for killing Barbara Mendez in 1982 while she was closing a Park City Credit Union branch.

A Wisconsin judge last week sentenced a 70-year-old man to life in prison for murdering his wife in 1982 while she closing a credit union branch.

During a bench trial, Marathon County Circuit Judge Jill Falstad convicted Robin D. Mendez of Minocqua for the first-degree murder of Barbara Mendez 37 years ago at the $224 million Park City Credit Union building that had been previously located on Highway 51 in Minocqua.

Judge Falstad ruled prosecutors met their burden of proof, which included new evidence of Mendez’s fake alibis that surfaced during a cold case investigation. Mendez has denied committing the crime, claiming that another man had been responsible for killing his wife and stealing money from the credit union.

The murder occurred after business hours while Mrs. Mendez was closing the branch.

Mr. Mendez used a pry bar to kill the 33-year-old credit union employee. She died from multiple blunt head injuries, abrasions and lacerations and an extensive skull fracture, according to an autopsy report.


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