I still can’t believe it

Blink. Blink. Type. Backspace. Blink, blink, blink. Type. Blink. – my cursor

I have tried to string together the eloquent words to express the gratitude and honor that I have felt in the previous six weeks since being named the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive. Without much luck, I will just say the entire experience has been exciting and humbling and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to advocate for support of local non-profit organizations.

It still feels a bit “unreal” to have this honor among such a distinguished group of nominees. EmilyBlaineClark, and Jodi are equally as deserving; their professionalism, expertise, and diligence cannot go unnoticed. These are the real MVPs and I cannot wait to see where their journeys lead the credit union movement. Be sure to check out their ideas! I was my honor to meet them and be among this group of professionals.


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