ICBA arms members to battle credit unions at the local level

The “ICBA is determined to stop this problematic issue" of credit unions by launching a new campaign.

The trade group representing the nation’s community banks is arming its members to battle credit unions on the local level.

The Independent Community Bankers of America has identified the instances of credit unions purchasing community banks as a serious problem and has formed a task force to address the issue.

“ICBA is determined to stop this problematic issue in its tracks by exploring opportunities to change the policies and economics of these deals that give credit unions pricing and other advantages in the marketplace,” the ICBA said on its website.

The group continued, “How much further away from their mission to serve people of modest means do credit unions have to get before Congress will do something about it? We have to keep hammering Congress on the bad public policy this represents, and also look for other ways to attack the problem.”


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