Ideas to build and live your credit union brand

Building and living your credit union brand is challenging. After all, if it were easy financial institutions would be perceived as an Apple, Google or Coca-Cola (some of the best brands going today). Instead, most banks and credit unions come across as boring.

Why? Because most financial institution brands are boring. One way to avoid becoming a boring brand is to read 30 Ideas to Build And Live Your Brand.

I review multiple business books on this blog. You can check out some of my favorite reads on these links:

So now I’m going to review my own book. Yes, I’m the author of 30 Ideas to Build and Live Your Brand. So I’m obviously biased. But before you think I’m just writing this column to sell more books, keep in mind that I’m offering the e-book for free. That’s right. You don’t have to pay a dime for it. Not because it’s not worth anything! Because I’m passionate about branding and the role it plays in your credit union’s success.

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