If Nationwide Insurance Can Do It, So Can Credit Unions


What’s the difference between a bank and a credit union?

Credit union marketers tend to make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to that age-old question.  We struggle with the answer while trying the get the CU message out to consumers.   We rebut every idea with “Yeah but…” and pass the project on to the next generation of optimistic marketing folks.

That’s not the case for Nationwide Insurance. With the death of their World’s Greatest Spokesperson promotion, comes a new campaign called Join the Nation. The first commercial started running during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. Julia Roberts voices the ad that continues to run on television across the country. Nationwide had this to say about the pitch in a news release:

“Our goal with this campaign is to tell the story of who we are as a company and what our On Your Side promise truly stands for — doing what’s right for our members and protecting the things and the people they hold dear.”

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