If online learning is a given …

Here’s how to know if it’s truly good.

These days, doing professional learning online is just a given. Employees expect the chance to expand their job knowledge right at their desks. HR, compliance officers, and department managers like the planning and tracking capabilities online learning makes possible.

But there are a lot of choices out there. What are some ways to know if the online learning system you’ve chosen has gone from just being a “given” to being really “good”? Here are six.

  1. The content is relevant, up to date, well-presented and covers all the topics you need. For example, many credit unions use online training to help staff learn what they have to do to meet regulators’ expectations. And regulation is changing all the time. So you need courses that respond to the marketplace and do a good job of teaching team members the latest. And notably, you don’t want just one good course, you want a whole library of good courses.



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