If you ask me why one more time . . .

When faced with a problem we often jump to a solution. How often do we stop to evaluate the problem itself? Do we really know if that is the true problem, or are there other factors that should be considered? Are you just scratching the surface of a deeper problem at hand? You might be wondering, why look at the problem if you already know the solution? My question to you: how do you know you have found the right solution if you don’t know the real cause of your problem?

Formulating a problem statement is no easy task. Understanding the true root cause of a problem you are trying to solve can be difficult and you may have to ask yourself why a few times. Let me tell you, after the first few times you do this you begin to feel like you’re talking to a young child who asks why after everything you say.

What do I mean? Why don’t I show you… We believe that our couple (who we are solving for, if you haven’t read my latest blog, find out more there) is struggling to make financial decisions. Why? Because they aren’t openly discussing their finances as a couple. Why? Because they don’t feel confident in their financial knowledge and what decisions to make… Why? You get the picture. This type of exercise drills us down to the root cause of the problem.


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