If you build it, they will come

by: Robert Quarles

Technology solutions and related products need to represent who you are by being seamlessly integrated across the total fabric of the organization. So, how are you integrating Omni-Channel delivery into your organization? The most successful organizations develop a clear strategy and vision for Omni-Channel retail delivery by defining how technology will be integrated into their process AND their culture. The strategy should be clear and precise, while the vision remains nimble enough to allow for changes in future technologies. A solid strategy must be defined early in the design process. By the time the architects pen hits the paper, it is too late! The strategy and progress must also be tracked, measured and tweaked along the way.

The heavy lifting occurs at the point of implementation for a solid Omni-Channel retail delivery strategy. This process should be preformed across the entire retail branch network integrating appurtenant technology as appropriate for the customer.

  • Successful integration and implementation should be a fluid process that is planned and reviewed to obtain actionable results.
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