I’m busy

Years ago, I was at a Credit Union networking event sitting at a table with a few people. One of our group had a few adult beverages as sometimes happens at networking events. No harm there. I’ll call him Bob. Well Bob and I were chatting about something and someone else, I’ll call him Sam, turned to Bob and asked a question. Without missing a beat, Bob glares at him and in the most dead pan voice says “I’m busy”. Then Bob turned to me and picked up the conversation. It was meant to be funny. We still use the I’m Busy line today among us and we get a laugh.

But if that been a real situation and the adult beverages had not been flowing a bit, how do you think Sam would have felt? I’m sure not real good. Like he wasn’t important.

So what the heck does this have to do with mortgage lending and being memberlicious? Read on to find out…..

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’ve been really busy…..”

Question: “How’s work?”     Response: “Busy”

We’re all guilty of saying we’re busy. But in the world of mortgage lending, you might as well say “go jump in the lake” (yes, this is still a family friendly blog).

If you want to be memberlicious with members, I suggest you remove the words “I’m busy” from your vocabulary.

I’m busy tells someone they weren’t important enough for you to get back to quickly.

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