Impact through tech: How credit union IT professionals are helping the system live its mission

The founder of CU Build shares how the National Credit Union Foundation’s DE program was the impetus behind a credit union build-a-thon

Brad Hickey’s a practical man. As manager of application development at American Airlines Federal Credit Union, he’s solution-focused and typically finds words like “transformative” and “life-changing” hyperbolic … But uses them to describe the National Credit Union Foundation’s signature Development Education (DE) program.

“DE wasn’t just about the credit union movement, it was about the world at large,” said Hickey. “As most IT professionals will tell you, we don’t always get to see the impact our work has. DE helped clarify that connection for me. I could see how what I worked on affected my community.”

Life changing … but now what?

All DE graduates are encouraged to return to their organization and undertake a project. Something that operationalizes what they’ve learned. And like many a graduate before him, Hickey was stumped.


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