Inside Marketing: Content is key

A high-quality omnichannel experience depends on valuable messaging.

Spending Wisely”, a CU Management article by Richard H. Gamble, noted that CU leaders are facing a long list of technology needs in 2018 and beyond. As the article explains, this technology spending will likely include investments to keep pace with the growing member expectation that their CU will provide a true omnichannel experience—the ability to seamlessly interact with the credit union whether the customer is engaged in transactions online from a desktop or mobile device, by phone, at an ATM or in a branch location.

Adopting a communications management platform that will enable your credit union to interact with members through every channel is a critical component of any omnichannel strategy. According to CUES member Christopher Goodman, CCE, $1 billion G&F Financial Group’s VP/information technology, “We need member service to move seamlessly from one channel to another. We have the services, but they happen now in discrete channels. The solution has to be API-driven and cloud-based.”

Finding the right technologies to support your CU’s omnichannel strategy is without question an important task, but it is essential to remember that technology is only one piece of the omnichannel puzzle. It is equally imperative to recognize the importance of creating and effectively using the best content to achieve the customer experience you are trying to deliver over each channel. Your CU will also need the ability to manage that content to ensure consistency in message and tone when engaging with members. A holistic omnichannel strategy addresses all of these critical content considerations in addition to the technology employed to deliver the content.


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