Inside Marketing: How credit unions can leverage tailored push notifications to drive member engagement

Push notifications can reach members with personalized messages and help earn lasting brand loyalty.

Today’s members want more tailored interactions. A recent study by AWS showed that 50% of digital banking consumers expect their credit union to provide a highly personalized experience. In an increasingly digital world with fewer face-to-face interactions, each member is on a unique financial journey and expects their credit union to communicate in a way that is relevant to their needs.

A great way to deliver these personalized communications is by meeting members on a channel they often use: their mobile devices. Studies show that Americans check their phones 352 times a day, or once every two minutes. Leveraging mobile-first communication methods, including push notifications, enables credit unions to stay top-of-mind and deliver tailored, timely messages that proactively address each member’s financial journey.

Why Push Notifications?

Mobile push notifications offer a communication channel that presents a significant opportunity to reach credit union members. With push notification messaging, members receive messages from the credit union that instantly appear on their screen, even if they aren’t currently using their mobile device. When members tap these notifications, they are taken directly to wherever the credit union would like them to go—whether that’s a specific website, landing page or the mobile banking app itself. This creates a new chance for members to engage and interact with their credit union provider.


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