Inside Marketing: How to create more relatable content

Follow these three steps to foster better digital engagement with members and prospects.

Ready for an astounding fact? According to Siteefy, 1.5 quintillion bytes of content are created every day. That number is expected to increase by 25% in 2022 and more than double by 2025. Safe to say, that is a lot of content being added to the internet daily (this article included).

With so much content out there, many organizations wonder how they can create content that stands out in this endless digital sea—and not only be read or viewed, but have strong engagement. The key to rising above the noise is to create content that is relatable. Having relatable content equates to having content that readers see as applicable, which means they’re likely to remember, share and act on the content’s message.

Here are key steps to follow in creating content that is relatable and will lead to better digital engagement.

3 Steps to Better Content Engagement

1. Articulate the ‘Why’: To relate to the content and brand story, members and prospects need to hear the brand purpose—why your organization exists. This goes beyond products and services. This “why” encompasses what the organization is known for. Is your credit union hoping to impact a community or underserved group? Are you hoping to share knowledge so consumers can make the best possible decisions? Is your organization wanting to share tools that allow members to have less stress and more success? How an organization articulates the why is key.


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