Inside Marketing: Inspiring hope in 2020 and beyond

How to extend International Credit Union Day’s message into a meaningful year-end campaign

The theme for this year’s International Credit Union Day, “Inspiring hope for a global community,” is especially fitting. It has been a challenging year, with the unexpected emergence of COVID-19, the pandemic’s severe economic repercussions and the difficult transition to navigating the “new normal” (that feels anything but normal). Communities everywhere can certainly use some hope.

International Credit Union Day is an ideal time to reinforce to members that credit unions are there for them during these tough times, and the assistance CUs provide is heartfelt thanks to the movement’s “people helping people” philosophy. However, this message doesn’t have to be limited to a single day. Credit unions should consider extending this theme throughout the rest of the year, executing a communication campaign that shares success stories mixed with relevant financial advice. Such a campaign can position your institution to meaningfully engage with members and amplify the message of International Credit Union Day, ending a difficult year on an optimistic note.

Celebrating Wins (However Small)

With the turmoil and stress of the last six months, it’s easy for the bad to overshadow the good. However, many credit unions stepped up to the plate to profoundly help consumers and businesses in their communities. Year end is a great time to recognize these instances of hope and success that might have otherwise gotten lost in the shuffle.


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