Inside Marketing: Maximizing ROI with digital branding

2 areas of consideration for enhancing your credit union’s digital presence in 2022

While the age of the average credit union member remains in the mid-40s, it is important to recognize that this age range is no longer held strongly by Gen X. Instead, the eldest millennials—otherwise known as the first digital natives—are turning 40 this year, and their expectations should not be taken lightly. A quick Google search paints a picture that has been discussed for years in the financial services industry related to these preferences: easy online account opening, a user-friendly mobile app and the ability to transfer between accounts seamlessly and instantly.

The pandemic pushed financial institutions of all sizes to up their digital game, which has spurred credit unions to face a bigger digital challenge: successfully marketing themselves as a modern way to bank while maintaining a “people-over-profits” marketing message. Here are a few key considerations to enhance your credit union’s online presence in 2022.

Give Your Website the Attention It Needs

Having a modern, mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate website has long been crucial for a successful digital strategy. Acting as a digital storefront, some members may only visit a credit union branch when opening their first account. Now, I know you might be thinking, “Obviously. Our website is fine.” But before skipping down to the next section, first ask these questions about your credit union’s website:


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