Inside Marketing: Using automation to grow member relationships

Technology enhances the ability to attract, onboard and retain members at credit unions of any size.

Marketing automation has become a mainstay in the digital marketer’s toolbox. Unlike specific tactics, which come and go over time, marketing automation technology exists to improve efficiency and results, regardless of which tactic is being used.

To compete and survive against new, disruptive online-only banking models, credit unions need to increase their adoption of new marketing technologies that boost customer experience, campaign success and marketing ROI. Implementing marketing automation is one of the best ways to do that.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation software is often cloud-based and is capable of automating such key marketing activities as personalized emails, nurturing leads, online chat and digital advertising management. Not only can these tools save you time, they can execute marketing activities at a scale and speed not otherwise possible.

Much of the marketing you experience as a consumer today, especially from large brands, has been automated in some part.


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