Interesting ways to save money

Skip a few weekly purchases

When you’re constantly on the go, it’s easy to spend money on convenience. A cup of coffee on the way to work or grabbing a quick bite on the way home can add up fast. Try to cut a few work lunches from your food budget or skip that concert you think you really need to go to. Being frugal is the easiest way to save.

Hide the plastic for a week

If you know roughly how much money you spend throughout the week, take that much cash out on Monday morning. The next time you go to the store you may find yourself having a more difficult time spending. The Journal of Consumer Research found that using cash was a more emotional experience than using a card. Physically seeing the dollars leave your hand is painful and you may find yourself putting a few items back.

Continue paying paid debt

Paying off your debt and loans is a huge accomplishment. If you have recently made your final payment on a loan, redirect that payment. You have found a way to survive without that portion of your income, so there is no reason to change a thing. Don’t look at as more spending money, but rather more saving money.