Invest in wellbeing to turn employees into advocates

As the unemployment rate shrinks and financial industry jobs become more skilled and more difficult to staff, competition for talent is escalating. Employee advocacy plays a large role in your ability to recruit competitively and retain staff, and it can help your organization stay competitive. Advocates are happy employees who take pride in their work, talk about their job positively both online and in real life, and actively recommend your organization to people they know. They also create a positive working environment, something that candidates immediately pick up on when coming in for interviews.

But turning employees into advocates is easier said than done. Incentives such as gift cards and referral bonuses might motivate them to make a social media post or two, but more effective strategies to promote employee advocacy must focus on making your staff happier, healthier, and more productive and giving them a sense of pride in both their work and your organization as a whole.

Investing in employee wellbeing can help you achieve these goals, and we’ll walk you through three areas where your investments can have the biggest impact: the physical working environment, health, and financial wellbeing.


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